"There were number of factors why we considered working with Shaun: 1) Very competent: we were very impressed with quality and finish of Shaun's previous work: all seemed to perform well after longer period of time and looked very neat. Talking to Shaun instantly realised that he's has wealth of knowledge in building conservation and understands important details of working with period buildings. Most contractors in building trade, sadly, don't. 2) Fair and clear pricing structure: Depending on the type of work we choose to work with Shaun on day rate basis or per meter rate. This gives us flexibility of choice and allow to budget better for certain work. Especially when it comes to repairs and all unforeseeable faults in building fabric etc. 3) Keen interest in our project and pride in their own work." "

Adrian, Bath

"The main reason we decided to start our cooperation with Shaun and his team was the quality of work. We were very impressed with all of his previous projects. We quickly realised that this was down to very methodical and careful approach and preparation of the work. This resulted in repairs which aren’t noticeable and very neat, originally looking stone work. This paired with experience in working with lime mortars and traditional building methods provided us with solidly pointed and repaired wall. We have worked with few stone masons previously. Their brief was identical to Shaun’s. In our opinion quality of work done by SK Conservation definitely stands out from other’s. Would happily rate this at 10 out of 10. "

Simon, Bristol

"We would be happy to recommend Shaun and his team to anyone looking for experienced, well organised contractor, specialising in period buildings and materials. So far we were very impressed with his work and pleased having him on site. I’m sure we will continue working with Shaun on our project, providing his availability allows for it."

Kevin, Cotswolds