Arlington House, Bath, Somerset

Arlington House is a prominent Grade I listed building in the centre of Bath. The project comprised of specialist paint removal and stone cleaning, removal of modern impermeable masonry paints to localised areas of the building elevation; ionic columns and plain frieze above.

Using the ThermaTech cleaning system we delicately removed layers of unsuitable paint from the bath stone columns surrounding the whole exterior of the building.  While we successfully uncovered the original stonework, this revealed a significant historical degradation of the columns. Extensive areas showed historical repairs marred by the inappropriate use of cement and other insensitive materials. Some sections had deteriorated to the point of detachment, requiring meticulous replacement with newly carved indents that sympathetically replicated the original detailing.

The delicate nature of our restoration work required close collaboration with both our client and conservation officers from Bath Council to ensure the preservation of historical authenticity.

Amidst the challenges, we completed a comprehensive restoration journey; employing a range of sensitive conservation techniques. For the severely compromised columns, a blend of lime repairs and the application of a shelter coat was expertly employed. This not only conserved and protected the remaining structure but also revitalised its appearance, invoking the grandeur of its 1790 origins.

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