St Joseph’s School, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Due to significant fire damage, the Grade I listed wall needed urgent repairs.  As the damage was subject to police and insurance investigation, SK Conservation were initially requested to make safe the wall and immediate area, cover all areas and surround the sire with safety fencing and signage for public protection.

Once the work had been approved, we carried the following sympathetic repairs on behalf of Clifton Diocese.  LArge sections of the unstable wall was carefully dismantled and set aside for the rebuild.  We installed helibar fixings to strengthen the wall for the rebuild and completed crack stitching.

The wall was rebuilt using the existing undamaged stone.  All loose mortar was raked out using hand tools and re-pointed in lime mortar.  The core cavity of the wall was grouted using a mix of lime and cement as this was largely unfilled.  The top of the wall was flaunched using lime.